New Places, New Experiences, New Jersey

Day before the flight to New York

On Friday, May 10 Michaela graduated with her masters from UGA and spent the day with her family. They drove up from Florida to celebrate her day and aside from her mother losing Her keys, it was a fun day from what I understand. Then at seven in the morning her father dropped her off at the airport where she would take an afternoon flight to be reunited with the most spectacular people in the world–Heather and me for those who couldn’t connect those obvious dots.

While Michaela was busy celebrating her accomplishments and hard work I was busy putting off packing and eating one of my last American meals–Chinese.

And of course Heather, aka fashonista, was busy living her life in style in New York and spending some one-on-one time with her family in New Jersey.

Driving to New Jersey

No need to terrify you with obsessions of young women. Just imagine a car ride in which three loud women discuss Parisian bridges, Glee, Darren Criss, New York skylines, Darren Criss, sing off-key, dinner with a cousin, Darren Criss and season finale.


Our second meal while in the great state of New York was all thanks to Heather’s cousin (now and forever known as Cousin Cannoli). Charmer that he is –in spite of his red light habits– he made reservations at this nice little Italian restaurant in what is known as “little Italy.”

Here is a tip: sounds like common sense, But if you are trying to impress an Italian–man or woman–or trying to make them fall in love then feed them Italian food. It sounds obvious, but it is often overlooked. Or maybe it is just Italian-Americans. Or people who enjoy eating…..okay maybe just me.

Anyway, back to dinner. While at dinner we were introduced to Heather’s more …let’s call it “sassy.” Yes, we were introduced to Heather’s sassy side. In the cab we had a very poor production of Cash Cab courtesy of Billy and Michaela’s extreme encouragement. We learned cannoli euphemisms, dangers of surgeries in Mexico, there is no need to order four appetizers, an entre and desert. Best of all i learned that if your are nice you get a free plate of zeppole.

What did I learn today? That the plural form of zeppoli is zeppole according to Wikipedia.

Things I did not need to learn: hailing a can in NY is not easy, cab Drivers don’t really want to hold conversations with you, New Yorkers will Not pick up dropped change and apparently it is a common thing for men who don’t want women to stay around after a “good night” to leave $100 on the dresser while they jump in the shower (thanks CC for that piece of knowledge). Ingenious or skivvy?

Now Heather is finally packing and Michaela and I are killing brain cells while watching Married to Medicine. Classy.

Next update will be about the airport adventures–I’m sure at least one interesting event will happen. Before I sign off here is a picture of something pretty.

Heather's boyfrie---er Darren Criss.

Heather’s boyfrie—er Darren Criss.


4 thoughts on “New Places, New Experiences, New Jersey

  1. Great writing! I am sooo excited for you guys! And thank you for giving me something pretty to look at πŸ™‚

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